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The server is a Digital Personal Workstation 500AU with 256 MB memory, but running at 600Mhz. Other servers in the cluster - intended to take over during maintenance - are two Digital AlphaStation 200 computers. A DECStation 3000 is used for testing an Outlook-compatible application. 

Being convinced of the superiority (in many aspects)

  • To install Windows, it takes a Wizard
  • To install Unix, it takes a Toolbox.
  • To install OpenVMS, just >>>boot

And that's just what I did. Apart from the normal configuration - NO extra's, apart for what's needed to server the Web. 

Current version is 8.2 on all machines.

I stopped using SWS (based on Apache) on August 21, 2006. It's basically a Unix application and doesn't perform as efficient as I wish. I have no big iron, just 256 Mb memory and a EV56 processor, and want to be able to run RdB as well, which requires a lot of resources as well. So efficiency is a major issue.

Now I run Mark Daniel's webserver for production - but keep SWS at hand, just in case ;-)

The transition project

The site's log

For the hackers:

I intend to keep trespassers out: a router is fire walling the entire intranet.

It's NOT required for the server, that's safe enough. But I've got unsafe machines as well. 

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