Maintenance report
There isn’t much to mention on maintenance.

PMAS statistics for April
Total messages    :   2796 = 100.0 o/o
DNS Blacklisted   :      0 =    .0 o/o (Files:  0)
Relay attempts    :    209 =   7.4 o/o (Files: 30)
Accepted by PMAS  :   2587 =  92.5 o/o (Files: 30)
  Handled by explicit rule
         Rejected :   1793 =  69.3 o/o (processed),  64.1 o/o (all)
         Accepted :    164 =   6.3 o/o (processed),   5.8 o/o (all)
  Handled by content
        Discarded :    339 =  13.1 o/o (processed),  12.1 o/o (all)
     Quarantained :    274 =  10.5 o/o (processed),   9.7 o/o (all)
        Delivered :     17 =    .6 o/o (processed),    .6 o/o (all)

The number of relay attempts is not that high: the most (100) have been on April 26th, the rest (just a few days) were far less.

New router
I purchased the follow-up mof my Vigor 2920 router: a 2925Vac one. It has bot 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz wireless, and supports 8.11ac protocol for LAN traffic. I could prepare it yesterday evening using the 2920 as a example (I could have restored the backup of that one) and installed it this evening. Apart from one thing I forgot: specifying which phone is what number, and setting up opened ports – I set them up but probably forgot to save the configuration – changing wnet without a hitch (Of course I had to apply these changes….) and the result in access, especially Wireless, is eminent. And I run the speed test: Up- and download went up to about 85 MB/s – matching the current speed of 100Mb/sec: This router’s firewall has a throughput of 200Mb/s, 4 times the bandwidth of the 2920….

Next month, my Internet speed will increase to 160 Mb/s (with no extra cost) and this router is fit for that (I got the announcement AFTER I received the router 🙂 ) so I’m ready 🙂

PHP 5.4 retest ahead
I planned a test of PHP 5.4 (dnd MariaDB 5.5) tomorrow evening, hopefully I don’t run into problems now, since I changed the system parameters. I may also need to reboot the server to include latest changes, based on AutoGen reporting.
So far the results of the performance look nice. Memory usage goes up to 75%, as before, bot slowly, and sometimes it seems to be eset. Something to investigate.

New version of WASD (and alamode)
New version of the webserver has been downloaded, and the accompanying monitor program. To be installed tomorrow (as well)


Second IA64
Got the second Itanium yesterday. This machine misses to airflow-ducts. It that doesn’t disallow starting it up.After connecting a screen to the VGA outlet and a keyboard in the proper USP-port, I did, and spotted something unexpected: the screen stayed blank…
I contacted the seller this morning on the missing air ducts – he’ll send them ASAP, forgot to re-install them – and this behaviour, he told me the VGA port is very likely disabled, I could connect to the (serial) console port and get on from there: You could call it “The old-fashioned way” but it (usually) works. So that’s the next thing to do. I aslo asked what’s installed: nothing, there’s no OS on this system. So this will become a plain OpenVMS box, where the other could be a HP-VM box with OpenVMS as a guest system. Or I switch the disks, since 2 CPU’s and 24Gb memory 9and 450Gb disk space seems to be a more feasible system running multiple openVMS instances (clustered?) as guest systems).
Anyway, I need to consider a re-organization of the floor space (including a (yet to obtain) 19″ rack), power grid and network. Well, that’s for a later date.


New hardware
The first of two rx2620 servers has arrived: 1 2-core Itanium-2 CPU (1.6 Ghz), 8Gb memory and 3 73Gb 15K disks. Set up running HP-UX and patched up to date. Not sure at the moment what to do: Keeping HP-UX, use it as a base system and install VMS as guest OS?
It depends on the second system, planned to arrive on Monday. It’s a bigger one: 2 CPU, 24 GB memory and 3 146 Gb disks. But that one is probably empty.
Waiting for the software, and the licenses.


It’s been a quiet month:

PMAS statistics for January
Total messages    :   1910 = 100.0 o/o
DNS Blacklisted   :      0 =    .0 o/o (Files:  0)
Relay attempts    :     94 =   4.9 o/o (Files: 31)
Accepted by PMAS  :   1816 =  95.0 o/o (Files: 31)
  Handled by explicit rule
         Rejected :    971 =  53.4 o/o (processed),  50.8 o/o (all)
         Accepted :    150 =   8.2 o/o (processed),   7.8 o/o (all)
  Handled by content
        Discarded :    342 =  18.8 o/o (processed),  17.9 o/o (all)
     Quarantained :    329 =  18.1 o/o (processed),  17.2 o/o (all)
        Delivered :     24 =   1.3 o/o (processed),   1.2 o/o (all)

Most days there has been some attempts to abuse the server for relay each day, but far less than is usual. Most files are well below the rated limit (4 blocks, or 2Kb in size), jus on 09-Jan-2017 and 29-Jan-2017 were larger: 8 blocks (4KB), and 4 blocks (2KB – more than on the others days).

If would be nice if it stays that low, but I guess I’ll see higher levels later this year.

Network outage
Yesterday, when trying to read mail from the server at work, I noted there was no access AT ALL to the site – even VPN into the router failed. Turned out to be a problem with the Internet provider, that lasted until approximately 16:00 – after which all mail that was blocked for that reason, got in again. Not juts Internet. Because TV and telephone use the same connection, these were down too.
Well, it all worked again even since.

New hardware, new software
This year. I intend to add an Itanium server to the data center, so I can get somewhat acquainted to that hardware. Apart from the usual WordPress updates (one coming this weekend) I plan to upgrade the database (from MySQL 5.1 to MariaDb 5.5) and PHP (a big leap to 7.0). This involves all blogs to I need to take care that I don’t break anything, severely (It may required some PHP code changes as I already found out when trying to run 5.4….)
And, if I can get hold of it, newer versions of OpenVMS.

Apart from that, there will be new content in Trips, Tracks and Travels.


Memory in error
Because heat may contribute to the problems, I reorganized the installation.
I had the DS10 under the HSZ50 and three BA356 cabinets; these have their airflow directed downward so that may block hot air from the server to escape.
So I turned the units upside-down so they now blow upward. And I gave the DS10 a bit more room around.
Second, I set console to serial – I already have the HSZ50 hooked up to a VT420 terminal, the server could be hooked to the second session. That shows a bit more information on boot.

Did A memtest – it now worked where it, for some reason, refused because 0 wasn’t a right address… But now it did. I did a test over a large portion of memory and again, the system froze. Not even CTRL-P on the console, or the HALT button gave a response.

Restarted – and memtest failed again on the same message..
Restarted again – and memtest did run. tested to the max possible, no errors.
Did sho mem, several times – and the system froze again.
Restarted, sho mem gave no problems over a longer period – so I booted. All seemed Ok, until about 30 minutes, the system froze again.

There is definitely something wrong with this memory. My guess: one of the DIMMs breaks the system, the question is which one?
There isn’t any message – nowhere – that gives a hint of memory problems. and once VSM is running, there is no way to get this information. I could, of course, write a program that checks pages on the fly but that would cause havoc on performance. Plus that the kernel will intervene to prevent problems with system data and structures – what this program wants to detect…

In the end, I decided to remove the 2Gb memory and return to 512, for the time being. I could, of course, add 1 Gb at a time and see if that works. But only when I’m at the site…


More on the crashes
Little time to do some more testing.
But whatever I tried: I couldn’t get Diana working again. Perhaps I had the bad DIMM in slot 0? But since we had a small tripped planned, I decided to take the server down for the weekend – and see what I could do on return. There are still two PWS systems available that could do the job, or part of it, if all else would fail.
Could it be something in the motherboard that caused the system to be unresponsive, in that case I would need to get a replacement…


Memory shipped
Just got a mail that the memory I ordered has been shipped, estimated delivery date is 13-Jul-2015 – so next week. Though I planned to add a SCSI card – since the DS10 has no external SCSI connector, a second card is needed – I will do later: I think it better to rearrange the site. Plus that I may have a spare somewhere: There still is some hardware stored and a SCI card may be in there somewhere.
Windows 10 preview
The previous workstation (Helena) has been set up to preview Windows 10, and, for as far I have been working on it, well, it does it’s job. No surprises, the software I normally use works, there was one nasty thing that I need to check. If there is something wrong with a site’s certificate and you still want to access the site (because you KNOW it is not a bad one – like mine 🙂 ) you can not.
This is caused by the fact that I use one (self-signed) certificate for all my secured web-entrances, and the site’s names differ from the one in the certificate. And it needs a renewal as well…
Currently, the latest update is being applied (10160) and if all goes well, I see no reason why not upgrading some of the systems..


Ordered more memory
The updates of PHP and WordPress seem to require more memory: the blog loads slower, and paging has increased. This was expected – but not in this amount. So I ordered more memory to fill the system to the max. It will take some time to get it, and installing it means the system won’t be available for some time. I take the opportunity to install a SCSI card as well so I can hook up the disks directly to the machine, and get rid of the HSZ50 unit: the battery is gone so caching is disabled and access is now limited to 5Mb/sec; since I have only one controller board, it is of no use for clustering: I tried but it simply doesn’t work with the Workstations: these crash dramatically. Or does someone have left-over controller board, cache and battery units?


Vigor trouble – again
This morning, I remotely added another IP-object – a complete set of networks – because from these, there is a constant flow of break-in attempts from China as if this were a Linux or Windows machine that is badly configured. I rebooted the router afterwards to get rid of some weird data (Dial-out triggerdata: from to ???) like I have done before without any trouble. Except for this morning: the router did no longer respond.
So when I got home, I tried to connect directly over Wifi, but I could not connect. So I restarted it once again, it does restart, connection is possible, all works – for a minute of so, when the router freezes.
There surely is something wrong. Last week, and earlier there have been a number of interruptions in telephone – connections that broke within a minute, or no connection at all when phoning in….Not constantly, but at times, making it hard, even impossible, to locate the problem.
Anyway, I had to remove the Vigor and re-install the inappropriate Fritzbox, to have Internet access, TV and phone again…


Replacement has arrived
It seems the Vigor router was broken beyond repair. Not really a surprise knowing that it is impossible to repair anything that is soldered on a board by robots….The problem was not software, that’s for sure.
Today I received a box that contained the whole lot: router, antennas, power unit, cables and docs.
Next step is to reload the saved configuration, and re-install it.And find out what can be improved in the installation.