Windows Update Woes
I have some trouble with an Windows Update. Not downloading and installing it, but getting it off the list. The one keeps up appearing as an update to be installed, and by no means I can get rid of it. I asked Microsoft support, the sent me a list of actions to perform, and at some point, the problem seemed solved – but the very next update, trouble re-appeared: I had even two hidden updates, I brought them into view again and behold: I can redo all actions once again. It doesn’t seem to be very troublesome, it’s just annoying, but it’s now what it should be!
Logging issues
Found out that scanning the logfiles for SMTP messages (due to spam attemps) seemed to have failed since 30-Dec-2006. At least, the latest entries in a daily updated list are of that date. What’s the point: I installed VMS 8.3 and that implied TCPIP 5.6. And it seems that the message format has changed:
Scanning on SPAM attempts on SYS$SYSROOT:[SYSMGR]OPERATOR.LOG;1141
Expected TCPIP-W-SMTP, got %TCPIP-W-SMTP_CLNTINRBL, client IP address 69.133.66
No OPCOM line found, got ***************

That means I have to check the scanning procedure. This was not in the relase notes, gentlemen!
Greek hike
The album has been completed and can be visisted at this location.