Spam filter works
likes a charm. A very basic setting filters out all spam – and a bit more, but in time, valid addresses, now filtered out, will be allowed to bypass the scan.
There are still a few questions te be answered but that will come in the end of the week: Does quarantaine really work as expected? Because this morning, I didn’t see the discarded and quarantained messages of yesterday, but I may have deleted them – and not remember.
Of course, the filter may need adjsutments by hand, but so far, the rules that are automaticaly updated by Process do their job.
Trips, Tracs and Travels IS LIVE
Yesterday, I uploaded all directories I alrady had finished for publication anbd created a blog to access it. It won’t be a big one, but it’s an easy way to add impressions.
Tonight, I found – and installed – the right presentation format, with changing images from all over the world. Big cities, mainly, but no doubt, some of our own images may blend in as well.
Because I installed the albums expecting a HTML-file as their base, this didn’t work and all index.htnl files of the albums needed to be changed, but since there were not yet that many, this was not a big task and could be done by hand, without the requireement of rebuilding the albums from scratch.
MySQL / PHP problems
And in the process of updating this new blog, something went terribly wrong – the database could no longer be accessed – aith not any web interface. In a terminal session, all was well. No matter what I tried, the problem persisted, but even stopping MySAL the good way didn’t help, so the server was stopped the bad way, Restart didn’t help – and PHPMyAdmin began complaining that the Mysql extension couldn’t be loaded….The final solution was to stop ALL web activity and start it again. Not a full reboot, just everyting that has to do with web access.
It’s working again, but in a short scan of all logfiles I could think of, nothing could be found that shines a light on the issue….
Blog sofware update
on the fly. 2.2.3 now active….

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