Anti-spam results
It looks great – but that was to be expected.
Since I can do reports (loading the previous files didn’t succeeed yet) it shows, for this month:

149 messages filtered, of which 63 were delivered (one slipped the filter because it doesn’t have the appropiate rule), meaning 86 were filtered, 252 blacklisted and 2 relay-attempts (of which one is the ISP test). Up to this moment (20:45 system time). The latter two by examining the logfiles only, these are not yet incorporated in the reports.

So of 338 messages, just 63 are acceptable. That is less than 20%!

The one that slipped: it consists of almost nothing but interpuncted words. I guess it’s of those things that are hard to see for the system. One note to send to Process, incluidng a few requests on reporting…

Web content
is getting on. Today I added last weekend’s walks that finished the Krijtlandpad in the south of the Netherlands, this year’s holiday to Scotland and two trips we did in the past.
Also, the back link into the blog has been updated in all image index pages, so hitting the up arrow will return to the correct post. This may need an alternate naming method, I’ll have to dig into that.

Software trouble
The PHP engine gets more and more trouble on the template – it rains errors like:

%HTTPD-W-NOTICED, 23-SEP-2007 20:58:52, CGI:1969, not a strict CGI response
-NOTICED-I-SERVICE, http://www.grootersnet.nl:80
-NOTICED-I-URI, GET (29 bytes) /tracks/wp-admin/link-add.php
-NOTICED-I-SCRIPT, /tracks/wp-admin/link-add.php tracks:[wp-admin]link-add.php (cgi_exe:phpwasd.exe) TRACKS:[wp-admin]link-add.php
-NOTICED-I-CGI, (sessionId)(62 bytes) %DEBUGBOOT-W-CHN, assign channel system service request failed
-NOTICED-I-RXTX, err:0/0 raw:934/0 net:934/0

I don’t get the “%DEBUGBOOT-W-CHN, assign channel system service request failed” message. I cannot locate the value anywhere. It must be caused by the heavier load this template puts on the system, it seems – anywhere . Not just in the admin pages, also on the ‘normal’ pages. I already stripped a lot of addiotional processing, perhaps that helps.

Also, MySQL crashed for some reaon this evening. Similar crash like the last one.

It’s about time to create the native blog program…

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