Certificates updated
The renewal of the site certificates by the WCME-overseer has been completed successfully – and the transfer to the correct position has also been done. Though the email message was sent before the certificate files have been moved to the right position, and been loaded.
www.grootersnet.nl however is still a problem – still have to drill down why, but it is less of a concern for the moment.

MQTT developments
Tested the samples, using the MQTT dashboard app on my (Android) mobile phone. It took some time after checking what the examples used for naming both sender and receiver. but in the end I got my two connectors: One subscriber and one publisher. With this configuration, I could run both directions.
There are two flavors: synchronous and asynchronous.
Asynchronous works in both directions: Published a message on the VMS system, it was received by the app; Publishing in the app is received on the VMS box.
Synchronous however shows a problem: a message published on the VMS box will be received by the app, but the subscriber on VMS will never show a message published in the app: My guess is that the callback function is never triggered.
To find out, I built the subscriber program with debug, but couldn’t start it in debug mode – since it needs to be started as a foreign command ($ Sub :== $stdoutsub, and start it with $ sub MQTT*) it will not start the debugger – I forgot how to get it in the debugger….($ run stdoutsub works, starts in the DBG> prompt, but the program will request parameters – you cannot pass this way).
Ok: asked Brett Cameron for some hints .
Will now first create code so I can publish (and subscribe) from other programs – if Brett hasn’t created them already.

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