Paho re-installed

Paho reinstalled
I have overlooked a few things: I installed the previous version (that process removes what’s on the system…) and checked the contents of the object libraries in that version; but what is in the latest version was already saved – and the new lobrraies contain the same routines.
Re-installed the latest version of Paho (1.2) and rebuilt the samples using the supplied procedure – which may be different from the 1.o version.
Now all but two images can be compiles; the programs that run in an SSL environment compile but link fails.

$ link/threads paho_cs_pub.obj,paho$root:[lib]libmqttv3cs.olb/lib,sys$input/opt

stating that sys$library:ssl1$libssl_shr32.exe/share cannot be found.
Of course not: I have no support contract with HPE an d so I cannot update my system anymore…

So I used the old files instead, which gives me undefines symbols:

$ link/threads paho_cs_sub.obj,paho$root:[lib]libmqttv3cs.olb/lib,sys$input/opt
%LINK-W-NUDFSYMS, 2 undefined symbols:
        in psect $LINK$ offset %X000007E0
        in module SSLSocket file PAHO$ROOT:[lib]libmqttv3cs.olb;1 %LINK-W-USEUNDEF, undefined symbol CRYPTO_THREADID_SET_CALLBACK referenced
        in psect $LINK$ offset %X00000890
        in module SSLSocket file PAHO$ROOT:[lib]libmqttv3cs.olb;1

This is not a big issue – as long as the programs that do not require encrypted communication can be build. And that is Ok.

So I started the publication program:

$ sho symb pub
$ pub test --clientid ExampleClientPub
Using topic test
Failed to start connect, return code -13

It might be that I need to add credentials:

$ pub test --clientid ExampleClientPub --username (username) --password (password)

but that gives the same result

Checked the log (after I enabled logging of connections) it shows a warning – which may point the cause:

$ type dka0:[mqtt.mosquitto.logs]MOSQUITTO.LOG
$ Set NoOn
$ mosquitto :== $mosquitto$root:[bin]mosquitto.exe
$ mosquitto "-c" mosquitto$root:[conf]mosquitto.conf
1533837960: mosquitto version 1.4.14 (build date 29-MAR-2018 02:52:02.10) starting
1533837960: Config loaded from mosquitto$root:[conf]mosquitto.conf.
1533837960: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
1533837960: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
1533837960: Warning: protocol wrong type for socket

I did some more investigation – the subscriber program does connect – but wont’t show a result when a message is posted from the mobile phone (using MQTT Dashboard):

$ sho sym sub
$ sub ExampleClientsub --username (username) --password (password)

and it will wait until cancelled)

log shows it all: Connection failures and successes:

1533841611: New connection from on port 1883.
1533841611: New client connected from as ExampleClientPub1533841611246 (c1, k60, u'Willem ').
1533841630: New connection from on port 1883.
1533841630: New client connected from as ExampleClientSub1533841630615 (c1, k60, u'Willem ').
1533841655: New connection from on port 1883.
1533841655: New client connected from as stdout-subscriber-async (c1, k10, u'willem').
1533841708: Client stdout-subscriber-async disconnected.
1533841713: New connection from on port 1883.
1533841713: New client connected from as stdout-subscriber-async (c1, k10, u'willem').
1533841749: Client stdout-subscriber-async disconnected.
1533841888: Client ExampleClientPub1533841611246 has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.
1533841888: Socket error on client ExampleClientPub1533841611246, disconnecting.
1533841892: Client ExampleClientSub1533841630615 has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.
1533841892: Socket error on client ExampleClientSub1533841630615, disconnecting.
1533841948: New connection from on port 1883.
1533841948: New client connected from as stdout-subscriber-async (c1, k10, u'willem').
1533841956: Client stdout-subscriber-async disconnected.
1533841962: New connection from on port 1883.
1533841962: New client connected from as stdout-subscriber-async (c1, k10, u'willem').
1533841966: Client stdout-subscriber-async disconnected.

(connectios on address are from my mobile, is from my VMS development system)

and in TCPIP I see both connections when starting the reader (sub):

TCPIP> sho dev

                            Port                       Remote
Device_socket  Type    Local  Remote  Service           Host

  bg581       STREAM    1883       0                   *
  bg678       STREAM   49159    1883         
  bg679       STREAM    1883   49159         

I tried to compile and link the publisher program – but the problem is within the MQTT library which has no debug information, nor do I have the Mosquitto code with the package, so some assistance of Brett Cameron is required.

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