System moved
As mentioned, the Alpha system (and storage) have been taken off-line and off power, in order to install it all in a rack. It took less time – just a few hours – than anticipated. I didn’t have to prepare the location: the ‘table’ on which the rack and machines – in all about 150 Kgs – is sturdy anough to carry the weight, which save me lot of work and time. The action started at about 13:40 – system shut down at 13:48, and was restarted around 16:15; With one minor issue in startup: WCME was started before WASD – causing a failure starting WCME-overseer, because CGI-BIN wasn’t defined yet (this is done in startup of WASD). And the routine to define WGPAGETEXT – for the home page – didn’t work properly, strange since I have been busy correcting the previous errors…
Next action in this matter is installing the Itanium servers in the rack – all is prepared. I only need a 16-port switch to fit all connections

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