Done some updates.
WASD and ALAMODE – which is related to WASD – have been upgraded to the latest version: 11.3, which includes OpenSSL 1.1.1a – and by that, TLS 1.3.
No issues here except that once again, the server wasn’t stopped when I restarted WASD. I created a small script that takes care of stopping the current server and start the new one – once the files are copied to the right directory; WASD upgrade does this, but ALAMODE needed to be relocated by hand: of course, now part of this script.
Second, I did an upgrade of the current theme (twenty-seventeen) and installed a plugin to have some control over the layout; I could do the same by changing the CSS file but this plugin offers more flexibility and control – and changes the right things. At least, once payed a (small) fee. However, done that causes the server to crash on one position in system space, though the virtual address is different; Also it happens in different scripts. This is an older version of PHP, maybe that could cause the problem – seen how a newer version behaves (7.2 will be installed as well, nice test).

But the seven day trial seemed to have done the job also. Tomorrow I’ll try PHP 7.2 (found the reason why other versions didn’t work because of “ident mismatch”…), it should work, and improve performance because it caches pages. We’ll see. If the problem with the plug-in is not solved, I’ll ask a refund.

And WordPress 5.0 has arrived – time to give it a try first.