Router reconfiguration done
Due to the change of the way the ISP will deliver IPTV the router needed to be reconfigured for IPTV, from bridged mode to routed. XS4ALL gives minor details on how it should be done – and if your router has limitations, it’s requires quite a lot of reading, (educated) guesswork and trial-end-error. And since th Draytek Vigor 2925 routes does not support DHCP option 55 (sequence of requests) you will have to set things up manually. With help of XS4ALL, Draytek and a handful of sites is all of a sudden worked. At least: for now. I’m not sure whether restarting the SetupBox will cause the connection to fail – getting an IP address failed before – but when I restarted the router, it got it’s address and completed startup.
Wait until Thursday – when power will be shut down for a while – as a requirement to connect the solar panels…

One thing to do next is describe how to switch from bridged to routed mode – it was just one (!) setting that I forgot…..