Quiet on all fronts
that is: nothing but the usual to be done. I still have to process the FTP logs, but it will be part of the full overhaul of the whole site. I think I’ll use another program as a portal, another PHP-based program including forums (Phorum, as used by OpenVMS.org, is currently under investigation) of perhaps even domething I create myself.
Stay tuned….
Windows woes
The problems with updates on Aphrodite have not been solved. Thou the system states that updates are actuallay installed, some show up time after time again and need to be manually hidden to show up. I’m not sure Microsoft is really investigating….
PHP woes
Once in a while, the PHP engine breaks and the server will complain it doesn’t get a valid response. This applies to both the blog and forums, message like this occur in the webserver logs:
%HTTPD-W-NOTICED, 17-FEB-2007 16:34:52, CGI:1969, not a strict CGI response
-NOTICED-I-SERVICE, http://www.grootersnet.nl:80
-NOTICED-I-URI, GET (66 bytes) /forums/login.php?logout=true&sid=4e53a23d769172fb7e0d205a5106e3ac
-NOTICED-I-SCRIPT, /forums/login.php forums:[000000]login.php (cgi_exe:phpwasd.exe) FORUMS:[000000]login.php
-NOTICED-I-CGI, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (129 bytes) %SYSTEM-F-HPARITH, high performance arithmetic trap, Imask=00000000, Fmask=00000002, summary=02, PC=00000000001E9C94, PS=0000001B
-NOTICED-I-RXTX, err:0/0 raw:708/0 net:708/0

I found the


solution seems to be; restart the webbrowser…

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