One more day of (mail) bombing

On yesterday’s post, I mentioned some server trying to deliver something – blocked because the address cannot be translated to a domain – one verey wto minutes or so.
Well, it did continue until this – being the last post:

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 19-FEB-2007 22:50:57.98 %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user INTERnet on DIANA
INTERnet ACP SMTP Accept Request from Host: Port: 4144

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 19-FEB-2007 22:50:58.15 %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user TCPIP$SMTP on DIANA
%TCPIP-W-SMTP_UNBKTRNSIP, client IP address is not backtranslatable to a host name

Operator.log is over 4 times the usual size. I guess 4 times, since Persepone – the personal Alpha on Demeter – was added to the cluster yesterday – over Wireless – what Alpha could do that! – and that added some extra lines as well.

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