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Patch-time is coming
Al latest patches have been downloaded but since it’s almost March, I guess the next VMS update pack will be delivered within a few weeks. HP has set up a calendar for update kits to be delivered, but, as was toi be expected, I lost track and didn’t save the data. I will have to check the HP site…
Anyway, some time next month, Diana will be rebooted due to these patches. Alas, it won’t be possible to have Dido taking over in the mean time due to the problems that occur on the shared SCSI bus. That’s one of those things that still need investigation and, possibly, adjusting the used SCSI cards: place KZPSA in all machines in stead of KZPBA (Officially, KZPSA should work with OpenVMS - and KZPBA isn’t suppoted for the job). We’ll see.
Bootcamp 2007
Have you planned to attend this year’s bootcamp in Nashua, and flying in over Boston Logan Airport?
One way to get from the airport to Nashua is using a FrontLine cab. A ride is about $70 (at least, that was the fare last year) per person, but last year we found out that if you book as a group that travel together, the fare per person is considerably lower. Just one person will book (and pay) for the whole group.
I’m planning to go (the financing isn’t complete yet), and if you are interested in such an offer, drop me a line. If you can give me a lift, either way, that is most welcome as well. I’ll buy you a beer ;)

28 February 2007 | System's Logbook | Comments

2 Responses to “28-Feb-2007”

  1. 1 imiller 1 March 2007 @ 11:10 UTC

    The update patch bundle schedule is in the master ECO list e.g.

    An alternative transport for bootcamp is the flightline shared minibus service - this is what I have used in previous years. I do not know if it cheaper than sharing a frontline cab.

  2. 2 SYSMGR 1 March 2007 @ 21:18 UTC

    “Flightline” - indeed. I mangled the names :), when I read the name, I remembered.


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