Testing the new environment
I took some time today to start setting up the new environment – but I ran into serious problems.
First, the ‘new’ machine failed to boot into SRM – hun on “f4” in the Power-On Self Test, but finally – after having removed keyboard and mouse, the system booted. I didn’t want to get to hang on IP-cluster traffic, so I booted conversational and set NISCS_USE_UDP to zero – the TCPIP database wan’t loaded but boot still hung on cluster formation. That meant I had to either disable clustering alltogether (always an option) of start the (emulated) second member. I choose for the latter – being the fastest action to perform.
Next, I started the WASD webserver – which I had built before, before the holiday 🙂 – and then did the PHP build, it took some searching but in the end, I got PHPWASD built and installed.
But testing was another story. To test it all, I would like to have PHP_INFO.PHP available – and that script – nor any other – is included in Mark Berryman’s kit. No problem, I copied the file from Diana and tried it again, using te recommended PHP.INI file.
But it fails: WASD complains it gets a non-complient CGI-header.
To find out what’s the problem, I started a WATCH session, and that showed me a severe issue; and with PHP alone in stead of PHPSHR, the same error showed up:

$ php :== $php_root:[bin]php
$ php cgi_bin:php_info.php
%DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image SSL$LIBCRYPTO_SHR32
-SYSTEM-F-SHRIDMISMAT, ident mismatch with shareable image

Asked around on the WASD mailing list and ITRC, it appeared that SSL1.4 – is NOT compatible with 1.3, and quite a lot of programs are effected. For most of them, HP has delivered patches, but for others, not yet. But Mark Berryman has updated his port of PHP and supplies objects and commandprocedures for local linkage; the same has been requested to HP.
In the mean time, Mark prepares 5.3, and when that becones available, I’ll give it a try.

Nevertheless – this means that when OpenVMS 8.4 is delivered with SSL 1.4, upgrade form 8.3 requires more than just that upgrade…

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