Power loss on switch
Since it’s nice, warm weather, I tend to do some computer work in the garden, accessing the network (and the Internet) over wireless.
Today however, this failed. There was no problem connecting to the router, but the laptop kept sttaing “not connected”. Accessing the router’s admin interface wasn’t a problem either, and nothing proved to be wrong. But still, the laptop didn’t get an IP address.
The problem was that the switch that connects all systems, was off power – it’s socket-based power supply was kicked off the wall socket, just enough to lose contact, but too little to drop down…
Pushing it in place solved the problem.
I think I know what went wrong: I’ve scanned a number of documents, and when disconnecting the scanner by removing it’s power connection, I must accidently have tipped to power unit of the switch. That was about 9:00, and since I didn’t do any computer work all day until 19:00 or so, I didn’t notice….
It actually means that web and mail have been obstructed for about 10 hours.
In the system performance logs that I collect on a daily basis, this was noticable, by lack of CPU and paging – and a steady 75% usage o memory. Which also p[roves that it’s just the Intenet – web and mail, in my case, is the main user of system resources.

Well, that was to be expected 🙂

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