Beyond recovery
The company that would try to recover the data from my crashed disk has done the utmost possible – even getting a specific part from the US, to recover any data, but without result. It proved it wasn’t just the chip that was broken, the heads were effected as well – and have damaged the platters in such a way that ‘imaging’ – reading the disk sector by sector proved impossible. If the heads weren’t that good, I think there must have been a problem from the beginning. Well, that explains why I had access problems at some time, and why I couldn’t install a new Windows environment….
So the archives on that disk – all since June 2010 – are gone – as far as I don’t had a backup.
Well, I should have made backups…
One luck, though.
All images from our trips this year – two weeks in the UK and a week in Germany – are stored on another system as well – just checked. And: I remembered I carried that laptop with our UK trip, and the tracks could well be on that machine. So I checked today – Behold: the file indeed exists. But the German tracks were not stored on that machine. But they could be on one of the USB drives or sticks, so I’ll dig somewhat deeper.
If no more available: well, it’s a pity.

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