There is still a gap within the Southern Pieterpad to cover: We’ve done Vorden to Groesbeek, and Venlo to Sittard, so still had to walk the route between Groesbeek and Venlo. The whole lot means walking more than one day, it’s over 40 kilometers. Today we made a start, spanning two walks – one of 14 and one of 16 – into one day. Starting where we ended in Groesbeek before, we went to Gennep and from there to Vierlingsbeek. Due to it’s length, we paused three times – tha last near the official ending for today, but we still had to do another 1.5 kilometer to the station to head back to where we started, by trains and bus.
Though the day started with some drizzle underway, the sky cleared en route, and with after a cloudy afternoon, the walk finished as it started: under bright skies.
The landscapes are mixed – woodland and meadows, hilly and flat. The area surrounding Groesbeek is relatively high, cut with gullies and so offers non-Dutch panoramas and valleys – something you would expect in the outmost southern realms of Limburg.
Since today’s walk is part of the Pieterpad, it’s information (inclusing the full track) is found on the Pieterpad pages.