Rheinsteig: Leutesdorf to Braubach

Since our last walks on this track, back in 2009, we ended up in RheinBohl – just south of Bad Hoennigen. To close the gap, the route would lead us over the flatlands around Neuwied, on the opposite border of Koblenz. But thinking we ended in Leutesdorf, we started our walks there – leaving a day’s walk gap to be closed some other day: From Rheinbohl to Leutesdorf.
We parked our car on the city parking in Leutesdorf, not too far from the station where we would pick up the route. The first day brought us to Rensdorf, where we stayed in a just open guesthouse – wanderers only – for a reasonable price. The next day we headed out for Sayn, but since the nearest railaway station is near Bendorf, we had to proceed several extra kilometers – making a detour that we found out the next day. We rode back by train – over Koblenz Central Station – and picked up up our car, and drove to a camping site over Lahnstein – directly behind the castle.
The next day, after passing to Bendorf Station by car, we took the short route from the Bendorf station to Sayn and walked to Ehrenbreitstein – the route officially passes over the fortress grounds but restauration works were underway for an exhibition, so we had to follow a less interresting diversion – not too clearly signposted at the end. Back by train and car, to the camping site.
The last day was a relatively short walk from the station at Eherenbreitsten to the burrough of Braubach, where we had started the route in 2007. From there, we made our ride to the Harz.
Of course, there are the images – but no real-time tracks, since the tracking files were lost … But I.ve been able to reconstruct them. You’ll find both images and tracks here