WordPress updated
to the latest version (2.0.6) – piece of cake. I will check the file I had to change, it should have been updated after my initial remarks on this.
By that, creating a backup seems to require some work: but the plugin (which is loaded) has the ability to do other WordPress databases in one stroke. Which is, actually, a requirement. Backing up SYSBLOG as it is (a searchlist, both being a concealed device) is impossible, since directory SYSBLOG/000000/ is not writable – nor can it be set that way. But WordPress as a single directory (concelead as well) allows a 000000 directory which can be set writabible, and so a backup – of ALL the blogs – can be created. It’s just a compressed SQL-file, but nevertheless, it’s a backup.”
Forum “members”
keep coming up now and then. I banned four that issued fake websites (ever heard of “http://abrahaamlincoln.google.com” ? Try it: it won’t succeed” or non-existing email addresses.