Athene revived
11-11 – Fool’s day? You might think so. This old (2001 or so) has been pimped a bit. XP was still on it but I brought it fully up-to-date, and re-installed McAfee. The reason: the system will be used by a friend while I’m doing the maintenance on his ordinary system. He blew a thing or to, by (accidently) hitting “Install” on a piece of malware: it claims to be “Windows Enterprise Defender” and pops up a window showing “infections”. And I’m pretty sure what is shown, is bogus. However, McAfee doesn’t run anymore, even fails to re-install, and Task Manager doesn’t run either. There surely is something rotten here.
Worst case I’ll need to re-install the system, problem: I don’t have a Dutch Windows2000 CD – and the one on his system (pre0installed…) cannot be trusted to be clean or complete. He should have a CD, but Dell didn’t supply it. Perhaps there is some software to re-install the system, but ‘that remains to be seen.

Got so far as reading the (sequential) configuration file, now splitting reads into keyword and valuem but I got stuch in IF-THEN-ELSEIF-THEN-ELSE-ENDIF trouble. But I’ll manage – one day. I’ve a pretty good picture on the storage of the stuff in memory; details of syntax and restrictions (and to get around them) is getting fixed as well.
The idea has shifted a bit: create a blog-server, capable of handling multiple blogs, caching waht’s possible, and have that running (on any system) and access it over webserver-controlled clients, on ANY system. It’s more efficient, I think, and easier to code 🙂