WASD + PHP running
The problem mentioned a few days ago was caused by multiple causes – one of them being an error in building the MySQLi extension, Mark Berryman supplied a new kit, so I installed it.
But not before I cleaned everything: the WASD_ROOT:[src.PHP] directory – that would become PHP_ROOT if you used the PHP_STARTUP procedure of WASD (?) – now holds just what’s needed to build the PHP runtime engine. The whole PHP package is now installed under WASD_ROOT:[PHP.AXP] like Mark Berryman describes in his README document that comes with the kit – the main exe’s in [.BIN], the extensions in [.EXTENSIONS], and PHP.INI aside these directories.
Now the sequence of getting it up and running is important, and I found this works:


Important as well: all PHP files must be set to W:RE. the SECURE script does NOT include this path, so the whole PHP-tree must be set correctly by hand.

Don’t forget PHP.INI – like I did, because you still won’t see the enabled extensions – and PHP doesn’t issue a warning on this! After correcting the protection mask, it works fine.

The PHP excutable now works as expected as well:

$ php cgi_bin:php_info.php
<h1><center>Testing the PHPINFO () function</center></h1><br />
PHP Version => 5.2.13

Before I forget: of course you must enable PHP in the configuration:
in HTTPD$CONFIG.CONF, add INDEX.PHP to the section [Welcome],
.PHP $CGI-BIN:[000000]PHPWASD.EXE to the section [DclScriptRunTime], and to the section named [AddType] you should add these lines:
.PHP text/plain PHP source
.PHTML text/plain PHP source
.PHPS text/plain PHP source

For mapping, I created a separate configation file (PHP.CONF) that contains the lines:
set /**.php* script=query=relaxed
set /**.php script=query=relaxed ods=5
exec /php-bin/* (@cgi-bin:[000000]phpwasd.exe)/cgi-bin/* script=query=relaxed

and included the file in the mapping file wasd_config_map.conf, just before the DECnet lines:
[includeFile] wasd_root:[local]php.conf

Next step is installing the latest versions of PHPMyAdmin en WordPress – using the database on Diana – just for setting up the new environments, the current mapping causes loops and now I can find out how the mapping should be to get it running properly…