Delayed maintenance

on the website is to be addressed shortly, so I started today with HOW-TO’s on WASD, and in due time chapters on MySQL, WASD_PHP (en what’s done to work with MySQL 4.1) and the PHP applications PHPMyAdmin, E107 and WordPress.

I forgot one thing on WordPress. It was not just classes.php that needed an update. Creating the databae used “MyIsam” as the structure, but on VMS, this doesn’t work properly and InnoDB is the default (and works). So all references to MyIsam in every CREATE TABLE statement had to be removed so the default (InnoDB) will be used.

For the rest, not much in general terms.

Just that for some reason, changing message categories removed the category setting, so al of a sudden it’s reset to the default look and feel. Wel, it’s not that troublesome to reset, but it IS weird.



No import of sysmgr.blogspot.com

at least not by WordPress since there is no CURL module included in PHPSHR as delivered by HP. So I have to do it otherwise – by CURL itself. With some editing and retrieval, I managed to get it all, but it’s a hell of a job to get all data into this one. Perhaps I leave it there.

The presentation

is one thing I’m not sure of yet. There are a lot of fancy and usefull skins around, I’m still looking on the right one to use (or to base this blog on). I won’t use the blogspot.com one (I don’t want to infringe any copyrights).

Another thing I’m still looking into is how to prevent spamming in comments – and as long as I have no solution on that, comments have to be blocked, I’m sorry.

System’s logbook

Started commandprocedures to fill the Systems logbook – automaticaly. The basics have been done (currently on a day-by-day basis added to homedesk) but some work needs to be done to have it send in by mail to this blog. That is, it will be in a category by itself – with, or without comments. But for this, I have to set up an internal POP3 account – no problem since I used that on the intranet already.


We’re here!

Starting the SYSMGR blog on www.grootersnet.nl went flawless (well, almost) within a minute! The only thing still to do is to import what’s on Blogger – and just link to here. I don’t know yet if I’ll keep that.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

Most data wil probably in System’s Logbook, because that’s what I’m talking about.


It’s all about what goes on in the datacenter. That is: my datacenter.

The kernel systems: Diana, and, in time, Daphne and Dido, provide all connectivity to the outside world known as The Internet, with Io looking after them. They are by nature hardened enough to withstand allmost all Evil that lurks out there – running OpenVMS 8.3. Their task is enlightened by Cerberus, and sometimes Charon - the firewalling routers between The Internet and the Local Area Network, that is inhabited by Aphrodite, Irene and Demeter – all running WindowsXP SP2, and Pallas/Athene – that may publish herself based on the user preferences as a Windows XP machine, or Suse 10.1 – so Linux.
Then there is Demeter – the company laptop – running WindwsXP as well, and her offspring Persephone, a Personal Alpha instance, emulating an alphaStation 3000 with 96 Mb memory, and,depening on the configuration, 1,2,3 or 4 disks up to 4Mb each, of which one can be a CD, or perhaps memory stick on the USB bus (yeah, that works!), with out without network, and that could be over 1Gb UTP or even 54Mb wireless.