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WP almost done
Last tests for Wordpress 3.0 under WASD 10.0.2 show no real big issues. There are some weird reactions, though: stylesheets not being loaded sometimes, and drag&drop that doesn’t work in all cases where I tried it.
One thing I tested today was themes. I checked the ones I use for the major blogs on site, but it looks these are not supported under 3.0 - at least, I couldn locate them anymore, I may have to copy the files and simply test them.
On the other hand, I found some nice ones I could use instead, so the presence of the blogs may change when the whole lot comes to life.
On the performence side: today I didn’t disable caching on the server, and that seems to make a big difference. Without enhancing the size of the pagefile, the Admin page now appears rather quick, without excessive paging: the disk is quite silent now, the number of processes has dropped significantly.
More new hardware
I obtained a rather new DS10 system, equipped with EV67 Alpha processor and 512 Mb memory: twice as fast, though the external clock is still 600 Mhz, but simply by the processor - and twice as much memory; CD and DVD (readers, that is) are included - but no SCSI controller and disks. Bo big deal, I do have some SCSI controllers available and some disks - but the cables to connect the disk to the controller is missing…
So I installed an older IDE disk in the system, was able to INIT the drive and install VMS 8.3 on it, but the system fails to boot. That is: it does start reading the initial boot loader, but there it ends. I still have to find out what’s going on there.
Or I could install a KZPSA, or KZPBA-CY (or both) in the box, and hook it onto the shared SCSI.Since this is a newer machine than the AlphaServer I tried earlier, it may do the trick.

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