Data recovery
I’ve re-installed most of the software that I’m normally usning on the new Windows installation – and made it a habit to backup all chnaged files, having learned it the hard way. Of course, it also means I need to test the restoration process as well. Next is to find a system on which it can be tested ….
Thanks to a collegue that had a similar case at hand – and with far more consequences – he suggested a compnay that is doing data resoratio on any crashed disk. So I’m thinking to have the data on the crashed disk restored. There really is quite some data that I consider “invaluable”, though I could well do without – but it doesn’t feel right to have your logs incomplete. It’is less expensive than I thought it would be – worth a try anyway.
Maintenance delayed
The disk error also caused some delay in handling maintenance. Well, most is done automatically but still some manual work needs to be done. And since my workstation currently lacks a terminal emulator, it’ll be a bit later than normally is the case.
One thing to be added is the number of mail alerts sent by the router. At times, the WAN connection is gone and returned – but nowadays without a problem; and the occasional messages that find their origin in my son’s playstation – fixed to a particular, nonstandard port, so blocked – which aren’t a real problem. But in the last few weeks, it turnes out that ICMP messages from trace_rt – Trace route – are occurrring quite often. But ICMP reply is disabled on the router, so these don’t get into the network – and the router signales it as a DoS attack.
Which will be handled in the future, and these addresses will be locked out at the gate – and be published as being “Bad behaving”. At least.

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